Best U.S. Navy Officer Test Preparation Study Guides (2024)

Last Updated on November 16, 2023

In this guide, we’ve compiled the best test preparation products for those who are pursuing a commission in the United States Navy during Fiscal Year 2024.

We’ve surveyed our community and asked for their recommended test preparation material. The following are the top recommendations from successful candidates.

Top Recommended Navy Officer Exam Prep Guides

Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB)
Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR)
Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX)
Dental Admission Test (DAT)
National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN) [Online Course]
National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN) [Guide]
Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

These Navy Officer study guides have been vetted and include guarantees. This is for you to avoid wasting time and money on low-quality study material. There are many scam test prep companies in the market today, so we hope to save you the headache by providing you these recommendations.

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